Tele Counselling

 Assisted more than 5,00,000 queries from students and drop outs  through Tele-Counselling.


Call Center Model

  • Career information and guidance is provided to the students through the toll free number. At the call center, we have well qualified full time academic counselors who assist the students. When a call is received at the call center, it is attended by the counselors and the most authentic information is provided to the students using the most reliable and best resources thereby addressing the career needs of the callers.
  • A caller database is maintained at the call center to capture the complete details of the caller. In case, any information that can help the student comes up, it is provided to the student through a call back.
  • We also provide personal motivation to the students regarding opportunities that are waiting for them but they are unaware of and that would motivate them to continue their education further.


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