Train the Teacher Worskhop in Vikarabad

2nd November 2013

"He alone teaches who has something to give, for teaching is not talking, teaching is not imparting doctrines, it is communicating."
- Swami Vivekananda on 'The role of a teacher.'

It is the teacher alone who is a constant source of knowledge and inspiration for a student. Every time we remind ourselves of the vision that we have and the goal we wish to achieve, we see hope in the form of a teacher who alone can take it to every corner of this nation. We often ask ourselves, what role we are playing as counselors, be it in a workshop or a one to one session but that as a teacher. Vidya Help Line recognised the role of teachers to realize our vision to see every student find access to information on career guidance.

If we wish to deliver our message and information to every student in need, it is imperative for us to join form an active engagement with them. After our tem had build a solid plan for student career counseling sessions, our immeadiate focus was to design a workshop for teachers so that they can carry this information to their schools and beyond. VHL team worked for about three months on a comprehensive plan that covers all the aspects of our student workshop and designed it into a 9 session workshop that can be organised during non teaching hours inorder to avoid clashes with any professional commitments.

After multiple iterations and revisions, Vidya Help Line's first ever Train the Trainer (TTT) Workshop for Career guidance is conducted on 2nd November 2013 and this is a memorable day for all our supporters and team members as we bring this to action.

We had 14 enthusiastic Head Masters and Teachers form 7 Government High schools of Vikarabad mandal, to take our cause of assisting students in their career building. The 9 week plan is divided into 7 weeks of hourly sessions on various career opportunities followed by 2 weeks of personalized counseling. This has been embedded into the curriculum of teachers and students to ensure that it is taken . We thank and appreciate the efforts of Born to Serve Group in mobilizing the Head Masters for the event. The event was conducted successfully and feedback is taken from the teachers which had helped us improve the pacing for future workshops.

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