Career Saathi Program Selection Conference

8th November 2015

Career Saathi Program is a selective student support program for the meritorious students but economically weak in assisting, mentoring and tracking them till successful employment.The support to each child ranges from administering a psychometric test, aiding in admission into the course of their choice, various bridge programs for a medium switch, assistance in applications for higher studies, entrance exams, scholarships etc, equipping with employability skills etc.

We are happy to introduce you to the finalists of Career Saathi Program, 2015-16. The results are out and the journey from conception to selections has been an enriching one, focused on making every Sachin a Cricketer.

We had received an overwhelming response of 70 meritorious but economically distressed, who were looking for that one push and a hand to lead them to their dreams.

The fire in them, the circumstances they fought and are fighting, their aspirations definitely serve as a motivation to support them better. We dream BIG for their BIG dreams.
It was really thrilling to see their extraordinary performance in the Selections and they set before us a big challenge of choosing the finalists from the ALL CREAM LOT!
This challenge created space for 7 more bright minds as against 25 as decided at the conception.
Finally we short listed-32! Lets wish them all the very best!

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