Career Workshops - Goal Sustenance

Since Goal setting is a process of evolution, we let the child’s dream grow and equip him well with the details(like information on various scholarships, government colleges, residential colleges etc)  that enable him to pursue his dreams.

Goal sustenance workshops are conducted a quarter after the Goal Setting workshop during which the  thought process intensifies.  

Then end of the two phase workshop ensures that the students have answers to the following questions:

  •  What is your goal?
  • How  will you reach it?
  • Which educational institution will you join?
  • What scholarship will you apply for?

At the end of the Goal Sustenance Workshop, the students are handed out a booklet that embraces the complete information about government colleges, residential colleges, scholarships, selection criteria, approach etc.

At the end of every workshop, the students are attached to Nirmaan Vidya Help Line 1800-425-2425 as life time counselor.

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