Career Workshops - Goal Setting Phase




Goal Setting Career workshops are fundamentally intended to inspire students to aspire for greater heights in life and then opening up a pool of opportunities before them to choose.

Career Workshops: Goal setting workshops

The Goal Setting workshop is centers around the DRP strategy.

Dream :  Inspires the students to aspire for greater heights in life. The students are instilled with the inspiration and confidence to reach the zenith.

Respect: “Dignity of labour”. There is no career BIG or SMALL. All the careers are equi-serving.

Plan: Exposing students to various career opportunities and personally assisting them in building their dream careers.


The students are then connected to the life time counseling through the toll free help line.

Assessments:  There is a base-line and an end-line test  conducted pre and post the workshop respectively in-order to assess the efficacy of the workshop.

At the end of the Goal Setting Workshop, Career Booklets are distributed to the students. The Career Booklets contain the information about various careers both professional and vocational, their road maps, immediate action plans, skill set required in that profession etc in a local language. This would serve as a priceless tool, even in the absence of the volunteers.


Next Step: Goal Sustenance Workshop


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