Career Counselling Workshops

Made 72,600  students Dream BIG through 1,093 Career Counselling Workshops in rural Government Schools!


Career Counselling Workshop is a face to face counselling wherein the facilitators reach out to the students and inspire them to aspire for greater heights in life there by making them DREAM BIG. A huge spectrum of opportunities is then laid before them to choose.



Career Counselling Workshops have been scientifically designed to impact the thought process in the students.

Phase 1: Goal Setting Career Workshop

Goal setting career workshops are primarily focused on helping a student set a goal in life and help him build a path to translate that dream into reality. The primary objectives of this phase are:

  • Goal Setting
  • Exposure to key career opportunities
  • Personlaized Counselling

Phase 2: Goal Sustenance and Career Workshop

This workshop aims at concretizing the career dreams of the students. The students are provided with ample information about the careers chosen and also furnish them with details scholarships, free hostel facilities, residential colleges etc that act like incentives. The primary objectives of this phase are,

  • Goal Sustenance and Motivation.
  • Information on scholarships, free hostels, government colleges
  • Personalized Counselling


Know More = Goal Setting Phase | Goal Sustenance Phase

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